Jewellery Industry’s Pivot to Platinum Aids Recovery After a Disrupted Year in 2020

Jewellery Industry’s Pivot to Platinum Aids Recovery After a Disrupted Year in 2020

By zeroing in on significant connections and huge minutes, platinum has immediately bobbed back and made a solid stage for proceeded with development in the post-pandemic period.

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HONG KONG — Platinum is one of the primary jewellery classes to turn around the descending pattern brought about by COVID-19, in spite of being an exceptionally optional buy with a moderately little portion of the overall industry. Platinum Guild International (PGI) delivered the yearly Platinum Jewellery Business Review (PJBR), uncovering how jewellery retailers and producers sent platinum in their recovery endeavors, deftly extending platinum’s client base to build edges and benefit and get back to development in key worldwide business sectors.

Buyer research all through 2020 followed an adjustment of shopper mentalities and conduct in platinum’s four key business sectors of China, India, Japan and the US. The pandemic prompted a re-prioritization of significant connections and moments. In tandem, jewellery beat buyer lists of things to get bringing about an ability to pay a premium for platinum to check significant moments and connections. Platinum’s height as the metal of significance empowered the jewellery business to captivate consumers with a more compelling brand story.

“At PGI, the challenger mindset is central to an approach that has enabled platinum to punch above its weight in a jewellery category dominated by gold and diamonds. From the outset, we approached the pandemic as an opportunity for platinum to be a key driver of the industry’s recovery efforts. Platinum’s unique story and contribution to industry margins and profitability made it a natural to lead industry recovery as consumers returned to stores,” says Huw Daniel, Chief Executive Officer of PGI.

From left to right: Pt Moment (China), Platinum Evara (India), Platinum Woman (Japan), Le Vian Chocolate Diamonds branded jewellery (USA)

A market-by-market platinum jewellery industry review and outlook:


In the market most seriously upset by stretched out lockdowns from March to September 2020, the business just began to acquire deals energy from October. Along these lines, PGI retail accomplice deals saw a generally 36% year-on-year withdrawal in 2020. Huge chain retailers who are focused on accomplices for PGI performed preferable under these difficult conditions over the more modest disorderly players, and PGI endeavored to keep up platinum’s top of psyche mindfulness, empathy and significance paving the way to an all out recovery program in Q4.

Kept from floor traffic, PGI India immediately adjusted its current social and digital media methodology to give messages of solidarity and started the ‘Season of Hope’ program to urge shoppers to get back to stores. Taking an interest retail accomplices across 300 urban communities revealed an amazing 33% year-on-year expansion in platinum jewellery deals during the limited time frame. The programme also donated a relief package through Oxfam to 4,500 families benefitting over 22,500 lives.

During Q4 2020 and Q1 2021, PGI’s strategic retail partners posted a healthy recovery of double-digit year-on-year growth. However, as an extreme second influx of COVID-19 keeps on affecting India, shopper request has slowed down, and retailers stay mindful for the prompt term.

Although the pandemic proceeds with its erratic course all through the world, with regards to jewellery, platinum will remain immovably settled in at the highest point of the jewellery metal pecking order. As indicated by the Platinum Jewellery Business Review 2021, the accomplishment of platinum in the jewellery business is an aftereffect of the business’ long-standing aggregate endeavors to separate it as the metal most connected with love, celebratory moments and significant gifting.


Despite critical interruptions, jewellers had the option to profit by redirected buyer spending, as purchasers’ moving needs discovered an outlet in gems for connoting worth and significance. PGI encountered a huge expansion in demands for help from retailers looking to gain by the more open platinum cost as they rotated away from white gold. Platinum jewellery retail deals in the US completed the year with an expansion of 3.4% year-on-year dependent on PGI’s yearly exchange overview. While pandemic estimates shut down plants and affected deals of new metal to makers, retailers utilized this as a chance to sell matured stock, bringing about a net expansion in business.

The jewellery exchange fared well with both wedding and diamonds design jewellery set in platinum performing strongly. This prompted the prioritization of platinum jewellery by accomplices like Le Vian, a main jeweller in the US renowned for promoting Chocolate Diamonds branded jewellery. Le Vian as of late dispatched another platinum jewellery at Jared, a division of Signet Jewelers, in more than 130 stores. The Le Vian Platinum Collections have since extended to 180 extra jewellery stores, just as being included in 3,500 trunk shows the nation over. Accordingly, Le Vian’s 2020 platinum deals surpassed projections by a great 62% and platinum was named the ‘2021 Metal of the Year’ in the exceptionally respected Le Vian ‘Red Carpet Revue Trend Forecast’.

This uptick in development is relied upon to proceed as more retailers advance platinum in their item contributions and platinum gems retail deals are projected to have modest development for the eighth continuous year in 2021.


The business was recovering from the sales tax hike in Q1 yet saw huge interruptions from Q2 onwards because of the pandemic and delayed Olympics. Be that as it may, regardless of declining buyer sentiment, there has been a generally positive mood among more affluent Japanese consumer, which has profited high-ticket jewellery, platinum’s fortress, and expanded resource based non-pearl set jewellery. On the planet’s most experienced platinum gems market, where platinum has the most elevated per-capita utilization and portion of market, business was moderately supported with platinum jewellery retail deals down just 10% year-on-year, regardless of a time of disruption.

With platinum dearest by the more seasoned age in Japan, PGI and driving industry accomplices directed their concentration toward the more youthful shopper with “Platinum Woman”, another collection based advertising drive that positions platinum as the metal that mirrors their lives and aspirations. It was the first run through Japan’s most lofty contending retailers consented to accomplice on a common sales platform. The programme reached over 10 million of the more youthful age of customers matured 18 to 34, with the collection being conveyed both on retail accomplices’ online business diverts and in 200 actual stores, and will be extended in 2021.

Platinum jewellery retail deals are probably going to have an unassuming increment over 2021 and PGI will keep on working with retail accomplices to upgrade platinum’s situation as the “personally meaningful metal of choice” among more youthful customers while still engaging affluent older consumers.


Despite a lost Q1, from Q2 onwards the platinum jewellery market developed, bringing about a moderately little decrease in platinum jewellery creation for 2020 of 8% compared to 2019. Significant makers focused on item advancement and grew new plans for collection based items. Upgrades in assembling innovation made bolder plans conceivable, which along with measure efficiencies and ideal metal valuing made platinum more expense cutthroat for pearl set jewellery, and inside and out more appealing to the business. Recovery in platinum jewellery creation will proceed, yet at a lower rate in 2021.

PGI retail accomplice deals declined by 11% year-on-year, and platinum jewellery’ development in the subsequent half was driven by the main corporate store which settled on an essential decision to move their concentration towards the platinum classification, along with their proceeded with venture into lower-level urban areas. Gem dealers in territory China moved toward a year ago’s interruptions as a chance for platinum to be a critical driver of the business’ recovery efforts. PGI launched ‘Reboot’ an area by-region drive to drive re-loading of new items joined by huge scope deals initiation. The program was intended to quick track the dissemination of more contemporary plans curated by PGI combined with omnichannel deals occasions to build store traffic and transformation. The program covered 1,277 retail locations and arrived at 13 million purchasers, conveying positive outcomes with year-on-year deals expanding more than 40%.

PGI predicts platinum has a K-molded standpoint for 2021. Dynamic players who contribute now will actually want to acquire piece of the pie moderately reasonably while passive players who rely on the market to lead recovery may be in for a challenging post-COVID environment.

About PJBR

The Platinum Jewellery Business Review is an annual report published by PGI based on surveys conducted among PGI’s manufacturing and retail partners, together with industry surveys conducted by independent sources, specifically analysing fabrication ounce demand, retail sales, and trade sentiment in the four major platinum jewellery markets of India, China, the US and Japan.

About Platinum Guild International:

Platinum Guild International is a worldwide marketing organisation dedicated to creating, expanding and strengthening consumer and trade markets for platinum jewellery. Through various programs both to consumers and in collaboration with jewellery retailers and manufacturers, PGI creates consumer ounce demand by identifying and developing platinum jewellery opportunities with its partners. Jewellery development has a strong track record in delivering results. Since PGI was founded in 1975, platinum jewellery has contributed over 80 million ounces of demand. PGI is headquartered in Hong Kong and has offices in China, India, Japan and the US.


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