Pangolin Diamonds to go ahead at AK10 kimberlite

Updating the recent scenario, Pangolin Diamonds said about activities at its various projects in the Republic of Botswana, Africa. These includes, 1: All field teams fully operational, 2: Approval granted to proceed with AK10 kimberlite 500 tonne bulk sample, 3: New kimberlite drill targets to be delineated at Malatswae and Motloutse Projects & 4: KW04-C dyke to be tested for macro diamonds at Kweneng Project.


The Covid-19 lockdown in Botswana has gradually been relaxed in Botswana over the past six weeks and the resource sector is deemed as an essential service. It is now possible to travel without a movement permit within a single Covid-19 zone. Movement permits are still required to move between zones. Pangolin is pleased to announce that as a result of the relaxation of the lockdown all technical teams are now fully operational.


Approval has been granted by the Department of Mines (DoM) to Makunwu Civil Blasting (Pty) Limited, Pangolin’s JV partner on the AK10 kimberlite to proceed with the 500 tonne bulk sample.  The bulk sample will be extracted from underground and access will be via a vertical shaft. 


Operations ceased when kimberlite was intersected at a depth of 13 metres.  The shaft will be extended to a depth of approximately 32 metres from surface.  At the 15, 20, 25 and 30 metre levels respectively, four horizontal drifts will be excavated to a maximum distance of 5 metres in each of the four shaft wall directions.


The 500 tonne sample will be processed through an onsite Dense Media Separator (DMS) plant. The kimberlite will be crushed to a maximum size of 8 mm as feed for the DMS. The site area of operations will be fully enclosed with security fencing according to the DoM requirements.


  • Pangolin Diamonds to go ahead at AK10 kimberlite