Diamond recovery at Brazil Minerals

Brazil Minerals, announced that its diamond recovery operations have been producing gem-quality stones and that the larger specimens will be cut and polished by professional cutters. The best diamond production runs have come from excavated areas located at the edge of the licensed perimeter for mining and closest to the local waterway.


For alluvial gold production, the difference in yield between the two extremes of the licensed perimeter has been up to eighteen-fold. Brazil Minerals is focused on advancing its operations, including needed permitting, to those mining areas with the most attractive concentrations.


As commented in prior disclosures, diamonds produced locally which have been cut and polished, and later graded and certified at the Gemological Institute of America, had an average valuation of $3,250 per carat. Their highest color grade was, E and their best clarity was VVS1. The majority of them graded F-G for color and VVS2-VS2 for clarity, and weighed between 0.4 and 2.0 carats.


Brazil Minerals is focused on: 1) mining specific areas for diamonds and gold, and 2) advancing projects from its portfolio of high-quality mineral rights for transactions leading to royalties and/or equity positions, such as its stake in Jupiter Gold Corporation.

  • Diamond recovery at Brazil Minerals