Does size matter? Seminar at VicenzaOro January

Transparently responsible sourcing, verifiable supply chain integrity and social and environmental sustainability are fast becoming requirements for companies operating in the jewellery sector. This is particularly relevant at the downstream end of the pipeline, where major retailers are increasingly likely to demand that their suppliers demonstrate that they have conducted due diligence as a requirement of doing business.


But it is also a factor at the upstream end, where mining companies, particularly in the diamond industry, are demanding that clients comply within minimum standards to be eligible for direct supply.


The cost of conducting due diligence and/or becoming involved in projects that promote the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals can be restrictive, especially for smaller and medium sized enterprises (SMEs). It is cause of considerable anxiety in the jewellery sector, where most companies are of limited size, and is today considered to factor in the consolidation of the industry.


This is a particularly important factor in Italy, where almost all companies are SMEs, and most are family-owned. Announced Panellists are, 1: Iris Van Der Veken, 2: Philip Olden, 3: Moya Mckewon & 4: Enzo Liverino. Seminar will be held on Friday, January 17th, 2020 at Tiziano Room.


  • Does size matter? Seminar at VicenzaOro January