Commercialization of Lac jewellery

The study undertaken, to identify and know the status of the lac jewellery and craftsmen in all cultural and geographical pockets, to examine and develop the process of commercialization of traditional craft of LAC jewellery, to develop, if possible with immediate effect, standards/benchmark for quality works in arts/ creativity so that the internationally acceptability can be compared.


The Study also focussed to develop a sustainable model for Lac Craft through design and technical interventions for it to re-establish in the current context.


Accordingly the significance of Lac Craft is, 1: Lac is a natural resin, 2: Lac is considered auspicious in Rajasthani culture. 3: The versatility and beauty of Lac jewelry (Lacquer) has made it popular all over the world

It constantly changes with new trends and styles. 4: With low capital investments it is abundant and cheap labor hence can compete on price!


Thanks to versatile properties of lack resin, it finds innumerable uses and scope of product inventions. It is also interesting to focus its’ origin and a part of History & that believed that the country of its origin is India. The word lac is derived from the Sanskrit word lākshā' (लाक्षा), which represents the number 100K. It was used for both the lac insect, because of their enormous numbers at a time and the scarlet resinous secretion it produces.


Lac as a craft is practiced in many parts of the country which includes Bihar, Rajasthan, Hyderabad, and Uttar Pradesh. The craft of making lac bangles is traditionally practiced by the Manihar or Lakhera communities in Rajasthan. The range of lac products go much beyond the bangles or earrings. T


he products can be classified under following categories: Personal adornment, Bangles, Brooch, Earrings, Maangtikka, Necklace, Finger rings, Toe ring (bichhiyaa), Home accessories and lifestyle products, Mirror frames, Key ring, Ash tray, Jewellery cases, Pen stand, Water glass, Bowls, Decorative products like animals Worship accessories.


Its’ key Strengths are, 1: Abundant and cheap labor hence can compete on price, 2: Aesthetic and functional qualities, 3: Scope for product diversification, 4: Easy acceptance by youth & 5: Increasing emphasis on product development by various government schemes.


Opportunities for such craft are, A: Innovations Production techniques, B: Easy accessibility because of Internet. C: Use of e-commerce in direct marketing, D: Increase in disposable income of consumer from developed countries & E: Design and product diversification.


Key Weaknesses are, 1: Inferior quality of crafts, 2: Lack of modern infrastructure, 3: Capacity to handle limited orders and supply only in selected markets, 4: Untimely delivery schedule & 5: Unawareness of new trends and changing demand of consumer.

  • Commercialization of Lac jewellery