Pit Slope Scaling by Petra Diamonds

Petra Diamonds Limited announces that there has been a scaling of the open pit wall at the Cullinan mine in South Africa, further to a thunderstorm over the weekend. Mining in the open pit at Cullinan was discontinued more than 50 years ago and all current mining operations are underground.


Most importantly, no one was harmed in the incident and all necessary precautions have been taken to safeguard the wellbeing of our employees.  It is not anticipated that this incident will have a material impact on production, but the Company is following all appropriate measures to properly address safety of the related mining areas.


The Department of Mineral Resources (DMR), the labour unions and the local community, with a number of actions agreed upon. The operation is being disrupted for approximately one day in order to give management the opportunity to thoroughly inspect the underground workings for any anomalies and to complete a risk assessment before allowing operations to continue.


The nearest Cullinan community is on the south eastern corner of the pit and ongoing monitoring of the pit walls show no unusual movement, other than in the south west corner where ongoing scaling is evident. As a result, we do not foresee any risk to the larger community. Petra's dedicated community response team is in direct contact with the community to assist with any concerns and a public meeting will be scheduled later this week to provide further information on the matter.


Petra's Chief Executive, Richard Duffy, and Chief Operating Officer, Luctor Roode, were on site on Tuesday 29 October with the mine management team meeting with representatives of the DMR, union representatives and the community, as noted above.


Richard Duffy, Chief Executive, commented: "We will take whatever steps are necessary, including the engagement of external technical specialists if required, to better understand this incident and any impact on future pit stability. The safety of our employees and surrounding communities continues to remain our key focus. Our meetings with our partners in Government, labour unions and the community earlier today were very constructive and their valued input is appreciated."

  • Pit Slope Scaling by Petra Diamonds