New collection for the Anmol Brides

Luxury jewellery brand Anmol launches, The Maharani Collection, a spectacular Bridal collection which promises to give Bridal goals to all the brides-to-be this season. The 33 year old brand has been carving trends and is known for heralding the Era of Design and Luxury. Anmol knows that for an Inherently Luxe Anmol Bride, her Bridal jewellery isn’t mere adornment but a reflection of her Individuality.


This wedding season, Anmol launches The Maharani Collection where the collection features some lavish designs studded with finest of fine cut diamonds &Polkis as the canvas of the artisanal pieces where a dash of color is added with rare gemstones like Rubies and Emeralds. The Maharani Collection also brings a plethora of storytelling Temple jewels carved in Yellow Gold that boast of ethereal craftsmanship along with multi layered colourful Haars with beads of precious gemstones.


The Maharani Collection features a complete Bridal Jewel Chest for an Anmol Bride which includes a curation of Mangtikas, Mathapattis, Earrings, Naths, Chokers, Haars, Kamarbandh & Haath phools. Each design from the edition is a phenomenal masterpiece for the new beginnings.


  • New collection for the Anmol Brides