Swarovski’s other branding partners at the BIJS 2019 were Zar Jewels | Pure Platinum | Gunjan Jewels

Zar gets its name from the Sanskrit word that means treasure. It denotes the untainted gold which sprawls across positivity and lightens up the path for eternity. Zar has a long legacy to create magnetic beauty and a dream to build a magic land of gold ornaments. The beginning of this journey rewinds to the year 1950 with Gurmukhdas Takhtani’s vision to create ageless exquisiteness of gold. We pay a tribute to the fineness of the metal by putting layers of elegance and detailing to bring out the most mesmerizing designs exclusively set with SWAROVSKI® ZIRCONIA. Along with quintessential bangles, Zar also excels in creating karas and bracelets created with SWAROVSKI® ZIRCONIA. Witness the majestic history of our royalty unfolds in front of your eyes. The supreme collection is made alive straight from the pages of antiquity. The brand prides itself on the superior finish it provides to each piece of jewelry. The number of quality checks every ornament goes through makes sure the excellence in quality is always high.

Pure Platinum Truly understands the modern Indian men & woman and crafts gorgeous jewellery in line with discerning and unique taste. The collection comprises of exquisitely handcrafted jewellery pieces that is marked by an intense burst of sensual colors of SWAROVSKI® ZIRCONIA. The elegant collections Vibha, Fuzo, Evio and Ellora fuses elegance with iconic designs, which will truly enable any men & woman to live the 'beautiful moment' of their dreams.

For precious jewellery, Gunjan Jewels is a recognized name in the city. With rich experience in the gems and jewellery business, this firm has become a celebrated name for stunning designs and collections. They launched their handpicked and exclusive designs collection featuring Ruby in gold with SWAROVSKI® ZIRCONIA. From classic styles to bespoke pieces, the fine craftsmanship highlights each precious piece of jewellery.

  • Swarovski’s other branding partners at the BIJS 2019 were  Zar Jewels | Pure Platinum | Gunjan Jewels