Latique’s Red Carpet collection

When it comes to style icons, it doesn't get much more iconic then Audrey Hepburn. Over the six decade since she first appeared on Hollywood screens, the star of classic films including Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Funny Face has become synonymous with chic sophistication.


Latique’s Red Carpet collection is about celebrating Audrey’s style. The secret to her look was that she made fashion and jewellery choices that were very classic and simple. The look she put together is not quite as she made it seem. And above all she stood for humanity, a real life hero.


She was a woman of breath-taking beauty, pure talent and true compassion. The design elements in the red carpet collection celebrate Hepburn’s position as a fashion icon. Each piece in this connection is in 18k, 22k gold with brilliant cut diamonds, emeralds, rubies and tanzanites.


 At Latique we strive towards offering the best, for the best. We have given meticulous attention to details in the Red Carpet collection. We use high quality materials, handcrafted and curetted. The jewellery pieces crafted at Latique display impeccable finesse. These are our core beliefs. We place our customer’s satisfaction as a top priority, making every buy a memorable experience.


Simple classic….. But, Oh so delightfully fabulous!!

Latique invests in timeless jewellery that will always be in style!



  • Latique’s Red Carpet collection