November tender earns US$218.82 per carat for Diamcor

Diamcor Mining announces the tender and sale of 2,979.67 carats of rough diamonds recovered from resumed processing exercises at the Company’s Krone-Endora at Venetia Project.  The 2,979.67 carats tendered were sold for gross proceeds of USD $653,652.23, resulting in an average price of USD $218.82 per carat. 


An additional 2,312.82 carats of rough diamonds-prior to acid wash were also delivered prior to the end of November 2018, which will be offered in a final tender of the Company’s third fiscal quarter in December 2018.

“We are pleased with the quality and value of the Project’s rough diamonds, and our efforts have shifted to increasing the volume of material being processed, and the inclusion of all size fractions up to 40.0mm moving forward”, commented Diamcor CEO, Mr. Dean Taylor.


“Initial processing of material in all size fractions is meeting Company expectations, and we look forward to the potential that the processing and incorporation of the larger material may have on our overall dollar per carat and the potential recovery of any larger rough diamonds”, added Mr. Taylor. 





  • November tender earns US$218.82 per carat for Diamcor