PGI releases the PJBR Q2 Report

Platinum Guild International (PGI) has published the Q2 edition of the Platinum Jewellery Business Review (PJBR). The report provides an in-depth market update of platinum jewellery's performance in the second quarter across the biggest consumer markets China, India, Japan and the US.


Highlighted topics include:

1: Why demand growth for platinum jewellery in India drastically outperforms gold and diamond jewellery

2: How the current price has helped a mature platinum jewellery market continue to grow in the US

3: What is needed in China to return the market to growth and what is behind recent change of sentiment

4: How demand in Japan has sustained positive growth despite an ageing consumer base


 “As the second biggest use of platinum, the jewellery market is critical to the future success of the platinum industry. The Platinum Jewellery Business Review Q2 Report provides a full market update with a look at the effectiveness of marketing strategies implemented to drive future growth opportunities,” says PGI CEO Huw Daniel.


  • PGI releases the PJBR Q2 Report