Danat introduces services to the GJ industry

Danat offers On-site testing


testing for pearls at September HK Fair


Danat is raring to introduce its services to the gemstone and jewellery (GJ) industry during the September Fair, “The June Fair was Danat’s first official participation in an international exhibition. We have set a personal benchmark, which is something the trade now expects from Danat in all future participations,” Danat CEO Kenneth Scarratt says.


“For the September Fair, we will build upon that and provide on-site testing for pearls, gemstones and jewellery items. We will be hosting lectures presented by Danat’s Field Gemmologists highlighting recent gemmological expeditions, and we will also be showcasing items of jewellery, which we believe will be a big attraction.”


Meanwhile, the Gemmological Association of Hong Kong (GAHK) says it is co-organising the “Launching of standard methods for testing Fei Cui for Hong Kong – Chinese Version and academic conference of GAHK 2018 – coloured gemstones” with world-renowned experts on September 15 (2pm-6pm) at the HKCEC (Meeting Rooms S224 and S225).


One of GAHK’s featured speakers is Dr. Michael Krzemnicki, director of SSEF. His presentation will focus on the theme, “On the Trail of new gem deposits: Exciting for the trade but challenging for gem labs.”


Ruby and sapphire expert Richard Hughes of Gem-A and Dr. Daniel Nyfeler of Gübelin Gem Lab (Provenance Proof: technologies for physical and digital tracing of gemstones) are also among GAHK’s key presenters.In addition to conducting a seminar at the September Fair, GAHK will display its membership services at the show, which revolve around the academic and gemmological theme of “diamonds.”


“The September Fair, being the world’s number one fine jewellery event, provides an effective and prestigious platform for GAHK to achieve its aims and objectives while facilitating contact with members and its international counterparts,” GAHK Director Christine Rain Chu says.



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  • Danat introduces services to the GJ industry