Design Inspirations opens!

To run until February 14,

For ‘Defining Tomorrow!


Update 1: Design Inspirations: Defining Tomorrow- Jewellery design forecasting seminar conducted by international and national experts to unravel trends in India, US and Europe opened up on February 13th & to run up to February 14, 2018 in Mumbai. The Seminar is organised by the GJEPC India.


Colin Shah, Vice chairman-GJEPC commenced the Sessions for the day by setting out the context. At the juncture, Colin Shah said, “Our aim is to make India the design destination. I would like to see every jewellery manufacturing factory design their own products in the future rather than relying on global designs.”


By adding he said, “Design Inspirations- the Future Trend Forecasting Seminar is an effort to make industry aware of the latest trends & designs in the global market, especially India, Europe & US market!”


Day I, Session 1, opened by Neelesh Hundekari, A T Kearney with ‘Insights  on Consumers Behaviour’. In the row of sharing & presentations followed by Abhishek Rastogi, Tanishq on ‘From following trends to creating trends’, Alexandra Mor expressed her thoughts with Paola De Luca on ‘Sustainable haute couture jewelry- An inevitable future’.


Day I also witnessed the Panel discussion & more three presentations including of Roza Topolnicka from Swarovski, John Varghese, Associate Director IBM India & of Paola De Luca from The Futurist & known trend forecasting player.


At the beginning of the Day I, Colin shah said, “Consumer wants always a new so, there is a lot pressure on designers! An inspiration required to turn out design in to a sellable piece of jewellery!”



  • Design Inspirations opens!