Signature IIJS concludes today!

Update 1: Signature IIJS is India's top-of-the-line jewellery show, showcasing the best jewellery collections by the country’s leading manufacturers. Exhibitors are showcasing the focussed product – jewellery of the highest standards of design, craftsmanship and of finishing. The dome offers just what buyer need to revitalize their inventory for the year ahead!


According to the GJEPC, Signature IIJS is growing, “about 200 new stalls are being created this year at Hall 6 by increasing a space of about 7K sq ft” said Shailesh Sanghani. One more advantage of adding space gone to IGJME, Machinery Show. Now it IGJME is more than the previous show.


IGJME also provides  an opportunity to interact with leading suppliers of machinery, tools, components, packaging accessories and allied products from all over the globe, showcases has a cutting edge technology, such as laser machines, computerized yield planning machines, advanced bruiting lathes, diamond impregnated scaife, etc.


Virtually every every exhibitors are happy. Majority of the showcases attained their targets! Buyer sourced well, tools flourished! Good inquire for new tech machines! Manufacturing is upgrading  with technology! Over all total visitors looks increased & likely to be a 16K by the end of the show-today.


In the row the IIJS, in August the show would accommodate about 300 more stalls!



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  • Signature IIJS concludes today!