GIA Prevents Fraudsters Attempting To Pass Off LGDs As Natural Diamonds

GIA Prevents Fraudsters Attempting To Pass Off LGDs As Natural Diamonds

Gemological Institute of America (GIA) revealed seeing an increment in the quantity of laboratory-grown diamonds (LGDs) submitted for update or check administrations with fake engravings referring to GIA common jewel reports. Most of the recently submitted LGDs have higher clearnesses and their estimations and loads were practically indistinguishable from the GIA reports referred to by the fake engravings.

“This awful circumstance shows why it is significant, particularly in any exchange where the purchaser doesn’t have a confided in relationship with the dealer, to have the jewel evaluating report refreshed prior to finishing a buy,” said Tom Moses, GIA Executive Vice President and Chief Laboratory and Research Officer.

This latest model, submitted in Antwerp, of a research facility developed jewel with a fake engraving features how close the man-made stone’s estimations are to the data on the first report. The report that went with the stone submitted for an update was for a 3.078 carat, 9.33 – 9.38 x 5.74 mm, Internally Flawless, G, characteristic jewel with triple amazing make. The recently submitted stone was a 3.075 carat lab developed jewel estimating 9.39 – 9.41 x 5.76 mm, VVS2, H, with a triple amazing make. From the start, the regular and research center developed diamond depicted above are practically indistinguishable; the estimations were inside only hundredths of millimeters of one another.

At the point when GIA experiences these cases, the organization overwrites the fake engraving, records a recently given report number and “Research facility Grown” on the support of the precious stone.

In February 2021, GIA revealed a comparable episode of various treated regular diamonds submitted for update or confirmation administrations with fake report number engravings.

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