AirPod Jewellery Is Now A Trend

AirPod Jewellery Is Now A Trend

Recollect tangled earphones? We’ve all been there: scavenging around in the profundities of our satchel, frantically attempting to remove tied links from our home keys. Bluetooth helped, however the concern of stuck wires was supplanted by the danger of losing one – or both – of your remote headphones. Vigilant gem specialists have an answer: AirPod adornments.

Misho Pebble Pod earrings, £115, available at

Apple’s momentous AirPods were first disclosed in 2016, and quickly prevailing by comparative cordless styles from different brands. In spite of the fact that viable, pocket-accommodating tech accompanied its own arrangement of issues. Early arrangements showed up as miniature It-sacks, with Chanel, Gucci, Saint Laurent and Valentino lining up to give stylish repositories to your Pods. In any case, more as of late fashioners have been wedding structure and capacity in gems.

Talis Chains pearl AirPod chain, £60, available at

“I was losing my AirPods constantly, especially during the early days of quarantine,” says Delfina Delettrez, whose own useful pearls were a moment hit. The fourth-age Fendi has been in charge of her namesake adornments brand for longer than 10 years, and was as of late enrolled by Fendi’s new imaginative chief, Kim Jones, to manage gems at the house. Delettrez’s Zoom-commendable explanation hoops included in Jones’ first spring/summer couture 2021 show for the house, however the pretty earbud embellishments were delivered under her own name.

On Instagram, a clasp subtitled “how I accept my calls currently” shows the pearl chain hoops on the whole their greatness, and a further parchment uncovers Delettrez’s helpful AirPod holder neckband.

Delfina Delettrez pearl sonic earrings, £726, available at

Those with unpierced ears should look to Louis Vuitton’s Nanogram Earphone studs, uncovered the previous summer. The hanging, monogram-embellished chains highlight a sleeve that spaces over the post of your AirPods, with two unbalanced hanging chains. (Consider them pimped adornments, as opposed to remain the entire day studs).

Louis Vuitton Nanogram earphone earrings, £225, available at

Misho founder Suhani Parekh describes her striking gold designs as “handcrafted modern architecture for the body”. Incited by the achievement of her top of the line Pebble rings, Parekh was propelled to reconsider the sculptural wraparound plan as studs, that henceforth bend over as clever AirPod homes. The negligible Active Pods, the wrapping up Pebble Pods, and Convertible Pro styles are on the whole accessible in plated in her unmistakable 22-karat gold, or a real silver completion.

Bother free tech bands, to guarantee your earbuds are consistently inside simple reach, can likewise be found at Tapper and Talis Chains. Tapper’s contribution is included different metal-plated rope chains, plaited calfskin lines, nylon styles, and a restrictive 18-karat gold sewed lattice configuration, all planned and carefully assembled in Sweden. While Talis has added a pearl and a gold AirPod chain to its assortment of shades chains.


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